Telehealth: The Top 3 Obstacles Facing Clinicians Today

Effective telemedicine solutions must be reliable, secure, and deliver a user-friendly experience. Shortages of healthcare specialists in rural areas, combined with advances in video communications technology, are driving telemedicine adoption to new heights, according to a report from Research and Markets. The analyst group predicts the global telemedicine market will grow from $14.2 billion in 2012 to more than $39 billion in 2018. As more and more health delivery systems incorporate telemedicine strategies, they are discovering that it is not that simple to set up and manage. Many pilot efforts have failed due to poorly designed network connectivity, complicated clinical workflows, confusing technology user experiences, unreliable equipment, and lack of ROI in terms of clinical outcomes or financial benefits. As a result, more than a few telemedicine carts are sitting in storage closets because they failed to work as expected and medical staff moved on to other alternatives.

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"Video telemedicine is one of the top areas in telehealth that can enable a positive transformation in healthcare delivery"